2024 Committee Assignments

Executive Committee

August Marchetti | Chair executive-committee@prvchs.org
Ken Gulick | Secretary
Member(s): Erica Pilla, Chris Rasmussen, Bill Weidner.

Fundraising Committee

Adam Cragle | Chair fundraising@prvchs.org
Erica Pilla | Secretary
Member(s): Brendon Stead, Chris LaFrance

Inquiry into Insurance Committee

Erica Pilla | Chair insurance@prvchs.org
Don Madar | Secretary
Member(s): Bill Weidner, Ken Gulick.

Monuments, Memorials and Gravesites Committee

Ken Gulick | Chair mmgc@prvchs.org
Adam Cragle | Secretary
Member(s): August Marchetti, Don Madar , Chris LaFrance.
Advisor(s): Frank Jastrzembski.

Research Committee

Chris Rasmussen | Chair research@prvchs.org
August Marchetti | Secretary
Member(s): Ken Gulick, Bill Weidner, Don Madar, Adam Cragle, Brendon Stead.

First Meeting of the Research Committee was held Sunday, January 28, 2024. Meeting Minutes.