Abram Miner Brittain, Co. F, 7th Pennsylvania Reserves

Record of the Times & Wilkes-Barre Advocate, January 28, 1863.

Corporal Abram Miner Brittain.– Last week a short mention was made of the fact that Corporal Brittain was wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg, and had lost a leg. The paper had just been printed when the sad news came of his death, and that his body had been brought home to Huntington for burial.

The following notice, with an extract from his diary and statement of some of his companions in arms who attended his remains to their last resting place, will be read with interest.

Another victim to the fell spirit of rebellion, which is even now rampant among peace democrats at the North.

Corp. A. M. Brittain was born Sept. 9th, 1841, age, when enlisted being 19 years, 4 months, 3 days.

Extracts from Diary.

“In 1861 June 13th, enlisted in the service of his country with many of his brave comrades became a member of Company F, 7th Regiment Pa. R. V. C., and after suffering all the inconvenience of camp life for 10 months, Marched with his corps down to the death bed of the Chickahominy, where death destroyed its thousands by unwholesome climate, June 26th. This day we fought the battle of Mechanicsville, where the rebel bullets assisted in speeding death in our ranks. But God has spared me to try them on again the 27th at Gaines Mills. This day we had a hard days work and still the rebels bullets have not injured me. 30th at White Oak Swamp. This day we lost many a good soldier. July 1st, was taken prisoner, and sent to Richmond. Suffered much for 5 weeks was taken then exchanged, came up with the army and was sent to Bull Run. Aug. 30, we had another hard battle, and lost much on our side. But I am spared to tell the story. Sept. 14th, had a severe fight at South Mountain Pass. 17th, we fought the great battle of Antietam, where I was slightly wounded. Many hundred of our best soldiers were killed there. But God spared me to follow the enemy to Fredericksburg, where I was badly wounded, laid on the field from Saturday till Monday. On the 19th, I was removed to the hospital at Alexandria, 26th, Dec. My leg was amputated.”

The above is extracted from his own writings. He died from the effects of his wounds, on the 10th of January 1863, at Governor’s House Hospital, Alexandria, Va. being 21 years 4 months. He said he lost his leg, and life in the service of his country.

Testimony of his companions.

As it has pleased God in his wisdom to remove from our midst by death, Corp. A. M. Brittain while in the faithful discharge of his duty to his country, we the undersigned members of Co. F, 7th Regt., P.R.V.C., feel it to be our duty to testify to his worth as a companion and soldier.

Socially he had endeared himself to all who knew him by his kindness and cheerful disposition.

As a soldier he was ever ready to obey the orders of his superiors and never shrank from any duty. He had most nobly acquitted himself in seven desperate and bloody battles, and while engaged in the eighth in a charge upon the enemy’s works at Fredericksburg he fell mortally wounded.

As his companions in arms we sincerely deplore his loss, and deeply sympathize with his afflicted family in their bereavement, and while they mourn the loss of an affectionate son, and loving brother, the country has lost one of its noblest and bravest defenders.

J. B. Laycock
Thomas Markle
Jos. Westover.
Jono. Harrison
Sol. Taylor.
Almon Woodworth
Charles Seely
Israel Long
Oscar Buckalew
John Montgomery.
Town Hill, Jan. 19th, 1863.

Additional Note: Brittain is buried in Shickshinny at Dodson Cemetery in Luzerne County. His Find a Grave Memorial Page was difficult to locate because his actual grave is marked by two stones; an original, placed by the family – and a modern day Government supplied stone, which 1) Incorrectly formats his name, showing him as “Minor A. Brittain” and 2) Incorrectly formats his regiment, even though on the original stone sitting above his plot, it specifically says “7th Reg’t., P.R.V.C.” – the applicant of the Government supplied stone supplied his unit designation as “36 Pa. Res Inf.”

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