Andrew P. Morrison, Co. A, 9th Pennsylvania Reserves

Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893.)

Andrew Porter Morrison

Andrew Porter Morrison graduated at Washington College in the class of 1849; read law with his brother Joseph, and with Judge William McKennan, from 1852 to 1854. He was associated in the practice of law with his brother, Joseph S., at Pittsburgh, from 1854 to 1861. On May 1, 1861, he enlisted in Company A, Ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps; was made a corporal, and was promoted July, 1862, to be sergeant-major; was desperately wounded at the battle of South Mountain, September 14, 1862; was mustered out with his regiment May 12, 1864. He was historian of the Ninth Regiment of Pennsylvania Reserves. At the dedication of the Gettysburg Monument, his address elicited high encomiums as a carefully prepared and accurate historical paper. After the war, Major Morrison resumed the practice of law, associated (as formerly) with his brother Joseph, until the death of the latter in 1886, afterward conducting the practice alone. Having been warned of the dangers of heart trouble, he gradually gave up his law practice, refusing new business, and rapidly closing up his docket, when suddenly overtaken by death. On September 11, 1866, he was married to Miss Rebecca S. H. Davis, of Allegheny. Residing in Allegheny, he and his wife became members of the North Presbyterian Church, then under the care of Dr. A. A. Hodge. After the death of his wife (born in 1839, died September 5, 1877) he returned to the old family homestead in Monongahela City, which was his earthly home until his departure for the heavenly, whither he was preceded by his home circle, except his greatly beloved sister Eliza, the wife of William J. Alexander, Esq. Major Morrison changed his membership from Allegheny to the First Presbyterian Church, Monongahela City, September 8, 1878. By the unanimous voice of his church associates he was elected a ruling elder, which office, after due consideration, he accepted, and was ordained March 31, 1889. Andrew P. Morrison was a man of the highest type; the moral atmosphere which surrounded him was pure, the example he set was helpful. His instincts were all gentle; his manner urbane; his friendship as true as gold; his career was that of honorable manhood, respected citizenship, unquestioned morality and professional integrity.

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