Annual Reunion of Old Soldiers of the 10th Pennsylvania Reserves and 191st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers

The Evening Republican (Meadville, Pennsylvania), September 6, 1906, pg. 1.



Dinner Was Enjoyed at 1:30 and An Excellent Menu Was Served-Officers Elected and Other Business Disposed of. 

Little did the members of Company I. 10th Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers realize 45 years ago that they would meet around the banquet table to talk over the many battles and life while on the battle field. But stranger things than that has happened and it has been the pleasure for the survivors of that company in the Civil war to meet annually for the past few years to enjoy a social period together. The reunion this year was again held at the Thurston House and a more enjoyable time could not have been spent by the men who defended their country away back in the 60’s. 

At 1:30 o’clock the members of the Tenth Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers and members of Company K., of the 191st regiment sat down to an excellent banquet prepared especially for the old soldiers and their families. The dining room was tastefully decorated with bunting and flags, and the tables were prettily set. The menu consisted of all good things to eat and it is needless to state that the guests did away with a good portion of the dinner. 

After dinner the members and friends retired to the parlor where a social session was enjoyed and war stories told. It is well known to almost every child as well as to the grown people of Meadville how in June 1861, 77 young men left Meadville to defend their country’s honor in time of war. This company was known as the Allegheny college company, and after entering the services they engaged in 18 battles, doing themselves proud while fighting against great odds in many of the battles. 

Only one of the company came back to finish his course at Allegheny college after the war had closed, this man being William Mitchell. 

Among those attending the reunion to-day were W. I. Cook and wife, Hartstown: Mat Merchant, Riceville; Loren Flint, Townville; C. Stainbrook, wife and daughter, Kerrtown; P.N. Brazee and wife, Richmond; Don F. Stuart and wife, Randolph; I.S. Kiser, Bousson; C. M. Rumney, Lincolnville; Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Marley, Cochranton; Ammi Johnson, New Richmond; Benjamin O Spaulding and daughter, Mrs. Henry Schreck, of this city, Moses Mitchell, ast Palestine. 

In 1864 the Tenth Pennsylvania Reserves were consolidated with the 191st regiment, being made a part of the Company K, hence the reunions of the Tenth Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers and Company K., 191st Regiment to-day.

The following officers for the ensuing year were elected; W/J Cook, president. D.F. Stuart, secretary; H.P. Marley. L.S. Kiser, B.O Spaudling, O. Stainbrook, executive committee.

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