Another Bucktail Regiment

Research of these two units has uncovered another piece of interesting information; the 190th Regiment was known unofficially as the Bucktails. I knew about the 134 Reserves, the original Bucktails, and the 149th and 150th Pennsylvania Volunteers who were formed in 1862 by some of the original 13 Reserves officers and comprised the Bucktail Brigade.

My personal muster roll for the 13 Reserves shows that approximately 286 members continued with the 190 Regiment through reenlistment or unexpired original enlistment.  They still wore their buck tail emblem on their kepi.

Pvt. Robert E. McBride (11-D, 190-C) added supportive evidence. “The new regiment adopted the buck tail in honor of the ‘Old Bucktails’ who were largely represented in the 190th more than any other Reserve Regiment.”

Gen. G. K. Warren, V Corps Commander, referred to the new unit as the “Bucktail Regiment.”

Commanders still shouted, “Bucktails to the front.”

The regimental flag of the 1st Pa Rifles became the regimental flag of the 190th Regiment and served in this capacity until it was captured at the Weldon Railroad.

Cpl. Wallace W. Brewer (13-I, 190-1) wrote to his parents, “We are called now the 1st Pa. Veteran Vol. and sometimes the 190th Pa. which we are in line but the 1st Pa. Rifles is known best.”

Pvt. John Boyer (12-A, 190-B), in September 1864, used the mailing address:  Company B, 1st Rifle Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers and Pvt. Nelson H. Robbins (12-C, 190-E) used: Veteran Company E, 1st Rifles (Old Bucktails.)  In May 1865, Sgt. Reuben W. Schell (7-D, 190-H) was using Company H, 1″ Pennsylvania Rifles, as his address.

The Roll of Honor series lists casualties for the unit after June 1, 1864, as being in the 1st Rifle Regiment but the named men were not original Bucktails.

After the war, the Regimental Association of the Bucktails allowed all members of the 190 Regiment to join their association.

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Bill is the Chief Regimental Historian of the 54th (Co. L), 190th and 191st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers and an avid researcher who focuses on the history of the Pennsylvania Reserves in the American Civil War.