Archie F. Bartlebaugh, Co. B, 11th Pennsylvania Reserves

A Biographical History of Central Kansas, Vol II. The Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago 1902 p1014, 1015.

The farming interests of Newton township, Harvey county, are well represented by Alexander L. Bartlebaugh, who resides on section 2, where he is extensively engaged in the raising of stock. He was born in Indiana county, Pennsylvania, June 27, 1841, and his father, Mathias Bartlebaugh, was a native of the same county. There he spent his entire life, his death occurring about 1871. His wife bore the maiden name of Ann Fowler and was also born, reared and lived in Indiana county. This worthy couple became the parents of nine children, five daughters and four sons, all of whom reached mature years with the exception of two. One son, Archie, served as a soldier in the Civil war, responding to the first call for troops to aid in crushing out the rebellion in its incipiency. He joined the Eleventh Pennsylvania Reserves and was killed in the battle of the Peninsula under General McClellan. There he fills an unknown grave, his remains having never been recovered. He was in the twenty-third year of his age when he laid down his life a willing sacrifice on the altar of his country.

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