Benjamin F. Jameson, Co. A, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

The Jameson Family Ancestry -

Benjamin Franklin Jameson was born in 1842. [He] lived his whole life in the Berwick, Columbia County, PA area. Little is know about his wife, but she is believed to have been Mary C. Glasmoyer or Glassmeyer or Glasmer. Benjamin enlisted in the 6th Penna. [Reserves] under his older brother Albion B. Jameson who became a Captain of his unit, Company A. Benjamin fought in every major engagement during the Civil War including New Market cross roads, Bull Run, South Mountain, Fredericksburg, the Wilderness Campaign, Antietam, and at Gettysburg. The two brother”s unit served in support of Col. W. Wallace Ricketts unit in most battles. Col. Ricketts had been the original Commander of the 6th Regiment when it was organized in June/July of 1861. However, Albion was severely wounded in the leg at Antietam and after his recovery, he was semi-crippled and could not return to his unit. Albion then enrolled in medical school at the University of Georgetown from which he graduated and became a doctor on March 5, 1867. Later Albion was prominent in the “GAR – Grand Army of the Republic” and an original signer of documents in Philadelphia swearing allegiance to the U.S. after the death of Abraham Lincoln (MOLLUS?). After the civil war he was appointed to a high government position settling civil war accounts. It is believed that Benjamin’s unit at the Battle of Gettysburg fought in the line of battle directly against the Confederate unit of Louisiana Tigers which contained one Victor D. Braud of Baton Rouge, LA, who would later switch sides in the war after he was captured the second time, change his name to George C. Duke, and become the maternal great grandfather of Richard A. Jameson. In fact, the possibility exists that Benjamin’s company was the unit that captured Victor Braud, along with a dozen or so other Confederates at Falling Waters during Lee’s retreat from Gettysburg on July 14th. If in fact this is the case, the descendants of Richard A. Jameson should be eternally grateful that his paternal great great grandfather didn’t shoot his maternal great great grandfather, but rather allowed him to surrender; otherwise, they would not exist. At the Battle of Gettysburg, the 6th Pa Reserve Regiment was part of: 5th Corps (Sykes commanding), 3rd Division (Crawford commanding), 1st Brigade (Col. William McCandless commanding). The first Brigade also included the 13th Pa. Res. Reg. which was known as the Pennsylvania Bucktails. In any event, Benjamin fought with his unit until it was disbanded at the end of the war and he returned to the Lime Ridge, PA area. He had many children, including Albert Brittain Lynn Jameson and eventually died in Shickshinny in 1926.

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