The Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flag Education Center

The Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has recently opened their new facility at 2221 Forster Street Harrisburg, PA 17103. Free guided tours of Battle Flags and Banners spanning from the American...

PRVCHS Hosted Gravesite Cleaning and Maintenance Workshop

The PRVCHS Monuments, Memorials and Gravesites Committee will be hosting a workshop over the course of the first weekend in April 2023. The workshop will teach the methodology in preserving these final monuments...

Gable Gravesite Maintenance

MMG Committee taking care of a gravesite in York County, PA Dec 30, 2022 during spring like weather.

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Daniel D. Bailey Grave Maintenance

The Gravesite of Daniel Doudel Bailey in Dillsburg, York County, Pennsylvania has recently been maintenanced.

James S. Osborn Grave Maintenance

This gravesite is located in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Osborn served in Company G, 12th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserves. It's most recent cleaning was December 1, 2022.
The Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps Historical Society was organized in 2004 by August Marchetti and Justin Sanders.

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