William N. Waldron, Co. F, 6th Reserves and 1st Pa. Reserve Light Artillery

The Waldron brothers are stirring gentlemen and enterprising farmers, though their chief business for years has been that of droving. They have been very successful in this respect, and have made money. They are...

Joseph E. Ramsdell, Co. H, 6th Reserves & Battery A, 1st PA Reserve Light...

JOSEPH E. RAMSDELL was born in Swanzey, New Hampshire. He enlisted April 23rd 1861 as a private in Co. H, 6th PA R. C. He afterwards served as Bugler in Co. A, 1st PA...
Sketch of the removal of wounded soldiers from the flames brought on by the Wilderness Battle. Sketch by Alfred Waud. Library of Congress.

The Formation of the Venango Grays is Recalled by Local Civil War Vet

Freeland H. Brown, who was one of the first to enlist from Franklin in the historic Venango Grays, and served in the Civil War, Saturday quietly observed his 88th birthday anniversary. Mr. Brown, who had been a resident of the Third Ward for more than 80 years, recalls many incidents of the war as though it were but yesterday.
The Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps Historical Society was organized in 2004 by August Marchetti and Justin Sanders.

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