The Brandywine Guards (2007 Edition of Chester County Living)

Nearly 150 years ago, the nation stood upon the bring of civil war. With the Mason-Dixon line as its southern border, Pennsylvania stood at the forefront of the impending conflict. Few doubted that if the Confederates broke through the Union ranks, the battle lines would be drawn there.

The Origin of the Adams Infantry of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

By August Marchetti The Adams Infantry adds a wonderfully unique history to the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps that many Gettysburg enthusiasts are already familiar with.  They gained the notoriety of being the only company of soldiers...

Edward DeWelden Brenneman, 1st Reg’t., P.R.V.C.

Military History. - Assistant Surgeon 30th Pennsylvania Volunteers, June, 1861. Acting Assistant Surgeon of a Hospital at Alexandria, Va. Assistant Surgeon U.S. Army, April, 1862. With the 2nd and 3rd U.S. Infantry, 5th Corps,...
The Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps Historical Society was organized in 2004 by August Marchetti and Justin Sanders.

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