Victor E. Phelps, Co. F, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

THE PHELPS FAMILY William Phelps was reared in Smithfield township and lived there until just before the breaking out of the war. Having a small farm and a large family of children, he sold it...
Partial View of General Crawford's Staff at Bristoe Station, January of February of 1864.

The Life and Death of James Harvey Larrimer, Major, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

James Harvey Larrimer, or “Harvey” as he was more commonly referred to, was the oldest of several children born to Robert and Margaret (Lucas) Larimore; his birth occurring sometime in 1828, possibly in the...

Adam K. Carothers, Co. H, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

Adam K. Carothers, third son of Samuel and Martha Carothers, was born on his present homestead in Woodward township, October 4, 1839. He received his primary education in the common schools of his native...
John A. Maus

John A. Maus, Co. B, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

John A Maus, brick and stone mason, was born in Northumberland County, Penn., September 6, 1830. He learned the trade of Mason when a young man, and has always worked at the business except...

Amos R. Hogendobler, Co. K, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

Amos R. Hougendobler was born October 03, 1843 in West Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co. Pa, and died November 12, 1919 in Columbia, Pa. He married MARGARET KNEISLY September 06, 1864 in Columbia Pa, daughter of ANDREW KNEISLY and MARGARET FORDNEY. She was born June 27, 1845 in West Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co. Pa, and died February 07, 1929 in Columbia, Pa.

John L. Wright, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

John Lowdon Wright, b. October 1st, 1838; enlisted May 15th, 1861, in Fifth Reg't Penn'a Reserves; commissioned Second Lieutenant, Co. K, same Reg't, June 19th, 1861; com. Adjutant, same Reg't., May 27th, 1863; com....
Seneca G. Simmons

The Indian’s Head

n March 18th, 1854, a troop of twenty Dragoons arrived at Ft. Arbuckle searching for some killers. The lieutenant reported to Captain Seneca Simmons, post commander 7th Infantry Company “H”, and informed him that Indians had murdered Jesse Stern, the Indian Agent at Ft. Belknap, Texas and a companion near that fort.

Egbert P. Hall, Co. A, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

Chester F. Hall was born at Muncy, Pennsylvania, January 8, 1872, the son of Egbert P. and Clara A. (Little) Hall. His father was a veteran of the Civil War, a member of Company...

The Granger Brothers of Bradford County, Pa.

THE GRANGER BROTHERS Roderick Granger of North Towanda was one of the most loyal fathers, who contributed to help put down the rebellion. He had five sons, the youngest of whom was a small...
Colonel Joseph W. Fisher

Joseph Washington Fisher, 5th Pennsylvania Reserves

JOSEPH WASHINGTON FISHER, was born in Northumberland county on the 16th of October, 1814. Two years after, his father died, leaving a widow and several small children, of whom he was youngest. His education...
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