Cyrus Elder, Co. A, 10th Pennsylvania Reserves

Iron Age, December 19, 1912.

Cyrus Elder, at one time prominent in politico-economical circles and widely known by American manufacturers, died at Philadelphia, Pa., December 14, aged 79 years. He was born in Somerset, Pa., in 1833, admitted to the bar in 1856, served in the Union army in 1861-2, and engaged in the practice of law at Johnstown, Pa., in 1863. He became solicitor and general agent of the Cambria Iron Company, now Cambria Steel Company, and continued as such until 1901 when he retired from business. During the period, as a man of high ideals, he was interested in political economy and for several years was secretary of the Industrial League whose headquarters were in Philadelphia and acted as editor of its publications. He was a forceful advocate of the protective policy and wrote numerous pamphlets as well as a few more ambitious arguments in its support. Having the gift of versification, he wrote many poems, some of which were collected and published in book form. He took a deep interest in local affairs and organized the Johnstown Savings Bank. Cambria Mutual Benefit Association, Cambria Public Library, and Union Benevolent Association. He lost his wife and daughter in the memorable Johnstown flood of 1889. His wife was a sister of James M. Swank, the eminent statistician. For the past few years he resided in Philadelphia. He leaves two sons and a daughter. His eldest son, George R. Elder, Easton, Pa., is vice-president and general manager of the Ingersoll-Rand Company.

Cyrus Elder (1833-1912) – Find a Grave Memorial

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