David L. Craft, Co. D, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves

Powell's Records of Living Officers of the United States Army; By William Henry Powell, Published by L.R. Hamersly, 1890.

Craft, David L. (First Lieut. 6th Inf., Brevet Captain). Born in Pennsylvania. Appointed from Pennsylvania – Civil life. Actual rank – Private Co. D, 8th Pa. Vol. Res., May 1 ’61; trs. to Sig. Corps Sept. 2, ’63; discharged Jan. 20, ’64; 2nd Lieut. Vol. Sig. Corps Sept Sept. 2, ’63; accepted Jan. 20, ’64; hon. must. out Sept. 4, ’65; 2nd Lieut. 6th U.S. Inf., Aug. 24, ’67; accepted Aug. 31, ’67; 1st Lieut. Oct. 31, ’76. Brevet rank-Brevet 1st Lieut. Aug. 24, ’67, for gallantry in maintaining his position under great exposure on the Appomattox signal tower during the siege of Petersburg, Va., in the later war, while his station was for some time deliberately cannonaded by the rebel batteries; Capt. Aug. 24, ’67, for faithful and meritorious service in the Signal Corps during the war.

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