Elijah G. Lantz, Co. C, 7th Pennsylvania Reserves

From the Lebanon Daily News.

Death of Capt. E. G. Lantz

After a lingering illness of consummation, last evening a few minutes before six o’clock, Capt. E. G. Lantz breathed his last. He was born in Jonestown and at one time figured considerably in politics. During the recent rebellion he raised a company in this place known as the “Iron Artillery,” which company was attached to the Seventh Pennsylvania Reserves. He was several times wounded and at one time was prisoner in Libby Prison. He served in the army until January ’63, when he resigned. Subsequently he joined the Police force of this place, where, no doubt he hastened on the disease. Capt. E. G. Lantz was a Mason of over 20 years standing and will be buried by that body on Monday morning at 10 o’clock on Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. He was aged 66 years and 6 months.1 [NOTE: Lantz died February 9, 1876 in Lebanon, PA.]


The funeral of the late Capt. E. G. Lantz, took place this morning from his residence on Guliford Street. A large number of people arrived this morning in the Pinegrove train from Jonestown and way stations to his funeral, from which place he originally hailed and was well and favorably known. The Masonic Fraternity attended his funeral and paid the last sad rites to his memory. The rain which fell all day prevented many from attending who otherwise would have been present.[/efn_note]Lebanon Daily News, February 14, 1876.[/efn_note]

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  1. Lebanon Daily News, February 10, 1876.