George S. Hays, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves

History of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, by J. R. Sypher, 1865, ppg. 85-86.

George S. Hays

George S. Hays was born in Alleghany county, Pennsyl­vania, September 28, 1807. He received a medical educa­tion and practiced his profession nineteen years in his native county. In the spring of 1861, when the Southern rebels attacked Fort Sumter, Dr. Hays was living on his farm, engaged in stock raising. At the call to arms, he raised a company, composed of the sons of his neighbors, and, in obedience to orders received from General McCall, marched with it, to Camp Wilkins, soon after the passage of the Act providing for a Reserve Corps. Dr. Hays had for three years commanded the “Duquesne Greys,” of Pittsburg; the military experience acquired in that position, and the reputation he enjoyed in the community, secured for him the election to the colonelcy of the Eighth regiment. Colonel Hays commanded his regiment until the termination of the Peninsular campaign, when he resigned, on account of the injuries received at the battle of Charles City Cross Roads.

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