Gilbert L. Eberhart, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves

History of the Newspapers of Beaver County. Pennsylvania. By Francis S. Reader. 1905.

Gilbert L. Eberhart

Major Gilbert L[eander] Eberhart is descended on his father’s side from a noble German family, with ancestors who came to this country in 1758, and served with honor in the wars of the Revolution and 1812; his father was a grandnephew of General Hugh Mercer, who fell at the battle of Princeton, N.J., in 1777. He is a native of Beaver County, and his education was begun in Beaver Academy, and later Mercer Academy, where he was graduated in a classical course of three years, and then spent two years in Washington, Pa., College. He was a civil engineer on the Erie & Pittsburgh Railway, of which his uncle, General Thomas J. Power, was promoter and first president. He taught school in Greenville, was superintendent of the Mercer County public schools and principal of the Conneautville, Pa., Academy. April 17, 1861, he enlisted in Col. John W. McClane’s Erie Regiment as Sergeant in Company D., later serving on the staff of the Eight Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps. June 21, 1862, he was promoted by General Meade to Commissary of Subsistences in his brigade in the Third division of Porter’s Corps. In 1862 he was commissioned Quartermaster of the Eight Pennsylvania Reserves. At Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862, he lost the hearing in his right ear. In 1865 he was assigned to duty by General Rufus Saxton as superintendent of Freedmen’s Schools for the State of Georgia, and established more than 250 schools in two years. In 1868 he was superintendent of the public schools of Rochester, and later in Kittanning. He was admitted to the Beavery County bar June 14, 1870, and soon after to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Represented Beaver County in the Legislature in the sessions of 1877 and 1878. In 1883 he was chosen Burgess of New Brighton, serving two terms and declining a third. In 1891 he was elected a Senatorial delegate by the district composed of Washington and Beaver Counties, to represent it in a convention to amend the State Constitution. In 1879 he organized a military company in New Brighton, of which he was Captain, and which, in 1880, became Company B, 15th Regiment, N. G. P., and one year later a part of the 10th Regiment. He is also the author of many articles on philology and kindred scientific subjects, and as a poet has achieved some notoriety. He has been twice president of the Law Association of Beaver County, has been for over 30 years a member of the vestry of the parish to which he belongs, and for many years has been one of the Judges of the Ecclesiastical Court and a trustee of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. He is also a member of the Masons, Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias, the G.A.R. and Union Veteran Legion. Recently the honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred on him by the Nashville College of Law.

Most of the reporters of the county have been engaged on the “Tribune” from time to time, of a few of whom we have secured sketches, which may be found herewith or in connection with other papers of the county.

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