John E. Scanlan, Co. A, 11th Pennsylvania Reserves

Death of John E. Scanlan, Esq. – John E. Scanlan, Esq., a resident of Ebensburg and a leading member of the Cambria county bar, died at his home on Saturday morning. Mr. Scanlan was well and favorably known. He was born in 1839 in Allegheny township, Cambria county, and on June 6, 1860, was admitted to practice at the county court. In 1861 Mr. Scanlan enlisted in Company A, Eleventh Pennsylvania Reserves. During his time of service he was badly wounded in his left leg and was left for dead upon the field of battle. It is said a Confederate soldier coming across him after the fight, tore his shirt in strips and bound up the shattered limb. He was twice married. First to the only daughter of Hon. Robert L. Johnson, who died after having born him three children. His second wife was a daughter of the late Lawyer Kittell. Mr. Scanlan enjoyed the confidence and esteem of all with whom he came in contact, and his death will be deeply regretted. The funeral took place on Tuesday last and was largely attended by all classes of citizens.1

The Ebensburg Freeman says: Sergeant John E. Scanlan, of Ebensburg, was a member of Co. A. 11th Pennsylvania Reserves, during the late war. He participated in the seven days” fight in front of Richmond in 1862, and carries to this day the mark of an honorable wound then and there received. To Sergeant Scanlan is due the credit of capturing the first rebel who by the fortunes of war chanced to fall into the clutch of Co. A. It was at Gaines Hill. The enemy and our troops were at the moment engaged in promiscuous skirmishing, and Sergeant Scanlan managed to get the drop on the other fellow and marched him into camp. The event was duly celebrated; but shortly afterward, the tables were effectually turned by the capture of the entire 11th regiment, along with Gen. McCall, the commander of the regiment by the rebels.2

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