John W. Schouten, Co. F, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Bradford Reporter - Towanda, Pa., Sept. 4, 1884.

J. W. Schouten is not only a good farmer, but is one of those “jolly good fellows,” with always a joke to crack, or the proper thing to say to make you smile. In fact his presence is a sure cure for the blues. He has a very pleasant location, and productive farm. He carries a fine dairy, his stock being the Polled. He gives attention to young stock, and has a very fine team for general purposes. He also gives some attention to bees. He occupies the place of his father, Henry Schouten, who located thereon about forty-five years ago, moving to the township from Broome County, N.Y. In April, 1861, Mr. Schouten enlisted in the Sixth Pennsylvania Reserves C., and remained in the service for a period of three years. He was connected with the Army of the Potomac, and participated in the notable battles of Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, South Mountain, Gettysburg, and all the terrible battles fought in connection with the overland campaign. At Fredericksburg, Mr. Schouten was wounded in the right knee.

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