Joseph T. Gerbron, Co. H, 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves

Joseph Theobald Gerbron (1842-1908) a silver engraver from Philadelphia, enlisted in the Civil War 16 September 1862. He was wounded at Snicker’s Ford (or Gap) 18 July 1864, sustaining a gunshot fracture of the left inferior maxilla. The lead bullet remained lodged under his tongue for 2 years and 9 months causing lead poisoning which resulted in many years of dizziness and heart problems.He was discharged on 28 June 1865.

He wrote the following letter from his hospital bed at Baltimore Park G[eneral].H[ospital]., Baltimore in August 1864:

“I was almost led to believe there was no fighting there at all but Comrad Bogardus has relieved my mind some of that point. As near as I can remember we crossed the river on the morning of the 18th. I got in a feed trough back of a wagon so I did not get wet.We marched in line of battle under a heavy fire across the field to a stone fence where we made a stand. I was wounded there and in re-crossing the river I saw several shot-one belonging to 1st W.Va and one who was helping me was shot. I tried to help him out but left him on the bank as near as I can remember. The 54th Pa. and 11th and 15th W. Va. were in the same Brigade and anyone who says there was no fighting there was not there or was hiding in the bushes.

In answer to Mark Howe I was in that trip to Lynchburg. I was also in that night march from New Creek to Ridgeville under Colonel Mulligan, I believe. I was also in a race for camp from Winchester to Martinsburg with an Ohio Regiment. As I was only a private I only knew the main point and that was I was there and I could not say what other Regiments or Brigades were there and that is about as much as the majority can say. I was with the 3rd Regiment Pa. Reserves until they were ordered home from Meadow Bluff. Then the recruits and vets of the 3rd and4th Reserves were under the command of Captain Sweat for awhile. Then we were formed into two companies L & M and attached to 54th Pa. Soon after that I was wounded.”1

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