In Memory

Justin Sanders, Co-Founder
Justin Sanders, Co-Founder of the P.R.V.C. Historical Society.


Justin was a huge driving force in preserving the memory of the Pennsylvania Reserves. He was immensely knowledgable, and a prolific writer whose penmanship could be matched by no other.

Aside from his many qualities and overall decency as a great human-being, he was also a stellar friend. The shock of his passing in 2016 threw our organization into a state of inactiveness, but we will carry on in his memory and try to make him proud. Thank you Justin for all you have done for our group, for preserving the memory of the P.R.V.C., and also for being an amazing friend.

By far Justin's greatest work was his "Journal of the PA Reserves." You can view these articles here.

Journal of the Pennsylvania Reserves