190th & 191st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers

Upon the muster out of service of the regiments composing the [Pennsylvania] Reserve Corps, a large number of veterans and recruits, whose terms had not expired, still remained. These were collected and organized into two new regiments, known as the One Hundred and Ninetieth, and One Hundred and Ninety-first. The first of these was composed of men from the First, Seventh, Ninth, two companies of the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Reserve regiments…Read More.


190th & 191st Regimental Colors

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"The Rescue of the Colors," 1899 by William T. Trego

Philip Petty, 12th P.R.V.C. & 136th PA Volunteers

For His Adopted Country. F. D. McGillicuddy, Mansfield, Pa, sends the following to the National Tribune: “Here is the record of a young Englishman, who served his adopted country, that is worthy of being perpetuated...

April 2023 PRVCHS Cemetery Workshop

This workshop was hosted April 2, 2023 by Ken Gulick, in conjunction with Jay Young and the Monaghan Cemetery.

The Death of Ashby (Mostly From the Bucktails’ Perspective)

After recovering from his Dranesville wound, Col. Thomas L. Kane returned to the Bucktails in their winter quarters (1862) where he began working on his Instructions for Skirmishers which was a new concept for...
Monaghan Cemetery Dillsburg PA

York County PA Reserve Soldiers Buried Outside of Pennsylvania

For over 20 years I have had the honor and pleasure of searching local cemeteries in York County for Civil War veterans.  It has become somewhat of a passion of mine, and to this...