Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Family, 1st & 7th Pa. Reserves and 1st Pa Cavalry


GEORGE M. PFOUTS, Pvt., Co. D, 7th Pa. Reserve Infantry, b. 1841, Clinton Co., Pa., enlisted at Lock Haven, Pa., 20 May 1861; mustered into Federal Service at Washington, D.C., 27 Jul 1861; missing in action, 5 May 1864, at the Battle of the Wilderness; later found to have been captured while wounded, confined at Florence, S.C., and Wilmington, N.C.; escaped from Wilmington prisoner camp on 22 Feb 1865; individually mustered-out on 26 Jun 1865 [enlistment of regiment was up on 16 Jun 1864] at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md. Filed for pension in 1883. In 1915, he advised the Pension Bureau that his wife”s name was Irma L. Wykoff, that they were married 26 Jan 1872 and that he had eight children, all surviving: Francis B., b. 9 Jul 1872; Julia H., b. 2 Jun 1878; Simeon S., b. 23 Jan 1881; Elizabeth, b. 23 Jan 1881 [marked “dead”]; Charles C., b. 2 May 1884; Donna E., b. 19 Aug 1887; Orva J., b. 1 Mar 1890; and Jesse M., b. 5 Jan 1892. His death certificate, 4 Nov 1932, attested that he had died in East Keating Twp., Clinton Co., Pa., that he was the son of Simeon Pfoutz and Irena L. ?, and that he was widowed.

ADAM FOUTZ, Pvt., 1st Pa. Volunteer Reserves, also Pvt., Co. A, 190th Pa. Infantry, b. 1841, Gettysburg, Pa., enlisted Camp Wayne, Pa., 28 Jun 1861; mustered into Federal Service at Baltimore, Md., 28 Jul 1861; deserted while on the march from Lebanon to Frederick, 13 Sept 1862; arrested as Deserter, 30 Oct 1863; Court Martial, 1 Mar 1864, sentenced him to serve balance of enlistment plus all time missed, various fines, then to be dishonorably discharged transferred to 190th Pa. Infantry for said service; deserted for second time, 25 Sep 1864 near Petersburg, Va., but returned by Provost Marshall on 6 Oct 1864 as having been under arrest when listed as a deserter; discharged 1 June 1865. Never filed for a pension.

CHRISTOPHER C. PFOUTZ, Pvt. [Bugler], Co. [D], 1st Pa. Reserve Cavalry; b. 1843, Clinton Co., Pa., enlisted at Lock Haven, Pa., 1 Aug 1861; mustered into Federal Service at Washington, D.C., 27 Aug 1861; wounded at Battle of Cedar Mountain, 9 Aug 1862; re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer at Warrenton, Va., 5 Feb 1864; taken prisoner near Nottaway River, Va., 22 Dec 1864; paroled at Richmond, Va., 15 Feb 1865; hospitalized until discharged at Harrisburg, Pa., 7 Aug 1865. Filed for pension in 1902, stating he had been born 6 Dec 1843 at First Forks of Sinnemahoning, Clinton Co., Pa., that he had never married and was currently a resident of Farrandsville; Pa. died 26 Nov 1921 at Lock Haven, Pa., leaving Miss Susan Pfoutz, sister as next of kin.1

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