Our Members

Meet our wonderful group of dedicated volunteers

August Marchetti

President/Founding Director

August founded this Historical Society in 2004 along with co-founder Justin Sanders.

Chris Rasmussen

Board Member | Regimental Historian

A resident of Woodbridge, Virginia, Chris is our Chief Historian of the 9th Pennsylvania Reserves.

Ken Gulick

MMGC Chair

Ken is a long-time living historian from the York County, PA area. He is an avid lover of all things history, especially the Civil War.

Erica Pilla


A genealogist at heart, Erica hails from the suburbs of Philadelphia and is a fan of all things history.

Adam Cragle

Board Member | Historian Attaché

Adam is a descendant of Pvt. Alex Dodson of the 7th Reserves. He also is a living historian residing in Dover, PA.

Bill Weidner

Board Member | Regimental Historian

Weidner, of Mohrsville PA, has been researching and writing about the PA Reserves for many decades.

Chris LaFrance

Board Member | Historian Attaché

Coming Soon...

Brendon Stead

Board Member | Historian Attaché

Brendon is a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and descendant of Pvt. William H. Wagner of Co. A, 10th Reserves

Don Madar

Board Member | Historian Attaché

Don is always researching and posting new discoveries through his Facebook group Civil War Discovery. He's a current Director of the Harrisburg Civil War Roundtable and an absolute scholar on the history of the Civil War.

Advisors to the Board of Directors

Frank Jastrzembski

Military Gravesite Advisor

Frank hails from Hartford, Wisconsin and is the owner of Shrouded Veterans which seeks to install new, or replace, headstones for Civil War Veterans.

Historian Cadre

Kimberly Arnold

Historian Attaché

Kimberly is a long tie expert in the private life of Major General John Fulton Reynolds, who was of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Reynolds got his start as a Brigade Commander in the PA Reserves.

Kevin Brown

Historian Attaché

Kevin is originally from Pennsylvania, but now resides in the United Kingdom. He is the co-author of various publications related to Chester County soldiers in the 1st PA Reserves.

Eileen Campos

Historian Attaché

Eileen Campos, along with her husband Paul, are both avid historians of the 26th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. During their course of research, they often contribute information to our organization that they discover related to the Reserves.

Ryan Conroy

Historian Attaché

Ryan is an expert historian as it pertains to his native Chester County, Pennsylvania. He resides in Royersford, and is the current President of the Spring-Ford Area Historical Society, and a Councilan at Royersford Borough.