Robert G. March, 4th Pennsylvania Reserves

Robert G. March was born in the city of Philadelphia, October 5th, 1819. At the age of ten years he was left an orphan and was indentured as an apprentice to the morocco manufacturing business. After reaching the age of majority, he went to Virginia, where he commenced his military training in a volunteer company organized in Alexandria, and received a commission dated May 2d, 1842, signed by President Tyler.

After his return to Philadelphia, he several times held the position of captain in the military organizations in the city. At the commencement of the rebellion he volunteered his services to the Governor of Pennsylvania, and was comĀ­missioned by Governor Curtin, on the 23d of April, 1861, to recruit a regiment, which he accomplished at his own expense, and was ordered to proceed with six companies to Camp Washington, at Easton. On the 21st of June, when the Fourth regiment was organized, he was elected to the colonelcy.

Colonel March served with his regiment until October, 1861, when, on account of physical disability, engendered by over-exertion in camp, he tendered his resignation.

As Colonel March was about leaving his command, at Tenallytown, he received a memorial, signed by all of the commissioned officers in the companies of his command, expressing their esteem for him as an officer, and their regret that the state of his health made it necessary for him to resign his commission as commander of the regiĀ­ment.1

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