Russell A. Ingalsby, Co. C, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles

The Altoona Tribune, July 31, 1862, p2.

HOW THE BUCKTAILS FIGHT. – Russell Ingalsby of one of the northwestern counties of this State, aged 17 years, and a member of company C, of the Bucktail regiment, is at present an inmate of one of the military hospitals at Camp Curtin. – He was in the Dranesville fight, and was wounded in the battle of Cross Keys.  In a recent letter to his sister, he says:

“I was shot down twice.  In the heat of the battle a ball hit me on the right side of the neck and came out between my shoulders.  So you see I was not shot in the back.  I was stunned for a moment, but soon felt the blood flowing, and got up as mad as I could be, and drew a bead on a rebel, and am sure I sent him into eternity.  After fighting half an hour another ball hit me in he head, and took off a small piece of the bone.  The blood flowed faster than ever, but I did not care for that.  I got up as soon as I could and kept pouring the missiles of death into the rebel ranks till the battle was over, and then was borne from the field exhausted by the loss of blood, and by fatigue.  I am now at No. 3, Harrisburg Hospital, am doing well, and an anxious for another chance at the rebels.  I have been highly commended by my General and superior officers.”

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