Russell F. Luce, Co. H, 4th Pennsylvania Reserves

Russell F. Luce, born in 1839, enlisted in April, 1861, in the 4th P.V.I., and after serving for one year was taken ill with fever and honorably discharged from the service. He married Kate Kunkle, of Delaware Water Gap, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania, and located on his farm in Liberty Township, Susquehanna, where he died in June, 1896, leaving a wife and several children, who still reside there. The children born to him were Culver, who married Cora Babbitt, of Binghamton, N. Y., where they now reside; Lena, who died when a young lady; Flora, wife of Edward Warner, of Liberty Township; Lydia, who died when a young lady; and Benjamin, who , in January, 1900, married Daisy Howard; Asa, who, in August, 1899, married Ida Travis; Wesley, at home; Katie, who in May, 1899, wedded Walter Craik; Zela and Ray, at home.

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