Samuel S. Baker, Co. F, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Bradford Reporter - Towanda, Pa., Sept. 11, 1884.

S. S. Baker has a very pleasant location and is a neat farmer and dairyman. His dairy consists of Durhams. Especial attention is given to general farming. In July, 1861, Mr. Baker enlisted in the Sixth P. V. Reserves, and remained with his regiment for a space of three years. He was mainly employed as a teamster on an ambulance train during his enlistment. At the battle of Gettysburg he left his team in charge of another soldier, took his gun and hastened to the front. During the battle he was wounded in the hip. “All honor to the glorious State of Pennsylvania And honor to her sons–the grand Reserves. Yes, honor to the valiant, faithful men, Whose strong, unswerving loyalty deserves The choicest wreath Columbia’s love can twine, Or brightest gem that on her brow doth shine!”

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