Silas S. Rockwell, Co. H, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Silas Sylvester Rockwell, b. at Covington, Pa., 2 Sept. 1836; a farmer. He served for 2.5 years in the Civil War. He married at Washington, D.C., 14 Feb. 1872, Alice Jeanette Harkness. She was born 10 June 1843, at Covington, Pa., daughter of Joel and Elmina (Chase) Harkness, who later settled at Cherry Flats, Pa. Levi and Alice settled at Covington, where they were living in June of 1876. Four children:

  1. May Eva Rockwell, b. at Cherry Flats, Pa., 22 Sept. 1863.
  2. Frank Harkness Rockwell, b. at Cherry Flats, Pa., 3 March 1865.
  3. Rose Sophia Rockwell, b. at Cherry Flats, Pa., 30 April 1868.
  4. Minnie Amy Rockwell, b. at Cherry Flats, Pa., 30 April 1870.1
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  1. The Rockwell Family in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and beyond: Some of the descendants of John Rockwell, an early settler of Stamford