Douglass, John A.\Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves

The last recorded record for Private John A. Douglass, was by Samuel P. Bates in “History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers” as:

Deserted, Aug. 30, 1862, location unknown.

Information revealed from the regimental records housed at the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania state the following:

Special Orders No. 649.

Washington, December 29th, 1865.


4. The order, by letter, of December 4th, 1865, from this Office, directing the release and discharge from service, without pay or allowances, of the following named enlisted men, then in confinement at Fort Jefferson, Florida, and that such as had not already been furnished with discharges should be furnished transportation to enable them to report to the Chief Mustering Officer of their respective States, who would furnish them a discharge with the facts of the case endorsed thereon, and such other papers as they might be entitled to, and transportation to their respective homes, and that enlisted men of the Regular Army, not under sentence of dishonorable discharge, should be forwarded to Fort Columbus, New York Harbor, under proper guard, and that those sentenced to dishonorable discharge be disposed of in the same manner as enlisted men of the Volunteer force, is confirmed:—

Private John M. Douglass, Company ” I,” 3d Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Corps

By order of the Secretary of War

E. D. Townsend
Assistant Adjutant General


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