Lantzey, Philip A.\Co. A, 11th Pennsylvania Reserves

Philip Ambrose Lantzey
An old xeroxed copy of Pvt. Philip A. Lantzey, Co. A, 11th PA Reserves from USAMHI.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Philip Ambrose Lantzey, who served as a member of the Cambria Guards, which became Company A of the 11th Pennsylvania Reserves. Within this page you will find various articles and such which have been collected over the years specific to Lantzey. Lantzey was killed in action at the Battle of Antietam in September of 1862.

The following attachments have been graciously contributed in memory of Lantzey by Mr. Robert Murphy, formerly of RCM History Tours.

The Service Record of Philip Ambrose Lantzey

Obituary of Philip Ambrose Lantzey

Transcriptions of Lantzey’s Wartime Letters