190th & 191st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers

Upon the muster out of service of the regiments composing the [Pennsylvania] Reserve Corps, a large number of veterans and recruits, whose terms had not expired, still remained. These were collected and organized into two new regiments, known as the One Hundred and Ninetieth, and One Hundred and Ninety-first. The first of these was composed of men from the First, Seventh, Ninth, two companies of the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Reserve regiments…Read More.

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190th & 191st Regimental Colors

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"Grant's Movement South of the James-Battle of Poplar Spring Church-Gallant Charge of a Part of the Fifth Corps on the Confederate Fort, September 30th, 1864." From Frank Leslie's Scenes and Portraits of the Civil War

After the Reserves: In the Trenches Again with a Few Exceptions (September 23,...

While the Army of the Potomac prepared for a fall campaign, a letter home from Pvt. Nelson Robbins (12th Pa. Res., Co. C, 190th Pa., Co. E) described conditions around the camp of the 190th & 191st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers. "Here I am in this land of desolation and ruin - for what else can I call it? There are neither houses nor trees to be seen for miles around - nothing but forts, rifle pits and the camps. Drills, reviews, and parades are frequent now that the army is resting…”
Evan Morrison Woodward

Evan M. Woodward, Co. G, 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves

Evan Morrison Woodward, of Puritan and Huguenot origin, was the son of James S. and Rebecca Anna (De-la-Montaigne) Woodward, and was born in Philadelphia, March 11th, 1828. He received a liberal education at a...

Thomas F. Bringhurst, Co. F, 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves

CAPT. THOMAS FRALEY BRINGHURST. Thomas F. Bringhurst, son of Col. John Elenry Bringhurst, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., November 17, 1837, and died there, August 2, 1892; was buried in Whitemarsh, Montgomery Co., Pa. He...
Henry Blanchard with the First State Colors 9th Reserve. Source: Advance the Colors! Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags

New Flags for the Pennsylvania Reserves

Following the Battle of Fredericksburg the Reserves were detached from the Army of the Potomac and assigned to the Defenses of Washington. In May of 1863, Colonel Horatio Sickel, of the 3rd Reserve who was commanding the division sent the following letter to Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin requesting that new regimental flags be issued to the division.