190th & 191st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers

Upon the muster out of service of the regiments composing the [Pennsylvania] Reserve Corps, a large number of veterans and recruits, whose terms had not expired, still remained. These were collected and organized into two new regiments, known as the One Hundred and Ninetieth, and One Hundred and Ninety-first. The first of these was composed of men from the First, Seventh, Ninth, two companies of the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Reserve regiments…Read More.


190th & 191st Regimental Colors

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Russell A. Ingalsby, Co. C, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles

HOW THE BUCKTAILS FIGHT. - Russell Ingalsby of one of the northwestern counties of this State, aged 17 years, and a member of company C, of the Bucktail regiment, is at present an inmate of one of the military hospitals at Camp Curtin. - He was in the Dranesville fight, and was wounded in the battle of Cross Keys.  In a recent letter to his sister, he says

Chauncey F. Mitchell, Co. A, 10th Pennsylvania Reserves

 A Couple of Patriots        Harry G. and G.F. Baer are brothers who publish the Somerset Democrat. In the early part of this war, Harry enrolled himself in a company and marched to the battle...

A Brief History of the Organization known as the Pollock Guards

Shortly after the fall of Fort Sumter, citizens both north and south were ablaze with patriotic fervor and gallant sentiments of marching off to war to subdue traitors and invaders alike.  Such sentiments were...

Orange Holmes, Co. D, 7th Pennsylvania Reserves

In the death of Orange Holmmes, which occurred at his home, No. 44 East Church Street, Wednesday afternoon at 4 o’clock, this city has lost one of its oldest and best citizens and John S. Bittner post one of its most faithful members.  Mr. Holmes’ death was due to an affection of the heart, which had troubled him for a number of years.  Two weeks ago his condition became worse and since then he had been growing weaker.