General Orders No. 307, Sept. 12, 1863

War Dep’t, Adjutant General”s Office,
Washington, September 12, 1863.

General Orders,
No. 307

     The following named non-commissioned officers and privates, having been duly examined and declared unfit for further field service, but fit for duty in the Invalid Corps, are hereby transferred from their respective regiments and companies to the Invalid Corps, to take effect September 1, 1863, and from and after that date will be dropped from their regimental rolls. Commanding officers of companies to which these men have heretofore belonged will at once furnish the Provost Marshal General at Washington a descriptive list, clothing account, and complete military history in each case:

  • Dodd, James F., Private, Company K, 1st Pennsylvania cavalry.
  • Hughes, William, Private, Company E, 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Ochs, George, Private, Company B, 1st Pennsylvania reserve Corps.
  • Briggs, William, Private, Company H, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles.
  • Roughton, Edwin, Corporal, Company E, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles.
  • Stevens, Henry C., Private, Company H, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles.
  • Wilcox, Edwin, Private, Company [E], 1st Pennsylvania Rifles Wood.
  • Sylvester, Private, Company D, 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Carson, Robert, Private, Company C, 5th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Fitchmer, Henry, Private, company C, 5th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Brown, Surell, Private, Company I, 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Cooper, James, Private, Company F, 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Leisher, D. F., 1st Sergeant, Company D, 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Keck, Christopher, Private, Company K, 7th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Smith, Joseph C., Private, Company H, 7th Pennsylvania Volunteers.
  • Addler, George, Private, Company B, 9th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Crawford, John R., Private, Company K, 9th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Lloyd, Henry, Private, Company H, 9th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • McFarland, John, Corporal, Company G, 9th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Hiegel, Frederick, Private, Company C, 10th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Askin, R. Y., Private, Company I, 12th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.
  • Kelley, William F., Sergeant, Company E, 12th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.

By Order of the Secretary of War:
E.D. Townsend, Assistant Adjutant General1

  1. General Orders of the War Department; embracing the years 1861, 1862 & 1863. Adapted specially for the use of the Army and Navy of the United States. In Two Volumes with a full Alphabetical Index, by Thomas M. O’Brien & Oliver Diefendorf, Military Attorneys, Leavenworth, Kansas. Volume II.