The Life and Services of Chaplain John Jay Pomeroy, 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves

John Jay Pomeroy, the oldest son of Thomas Pomeroy, remained with his father in Roxbury until the spring of 1849, when he entered Tuscarora Academy, Juniata County, Penn’a, where he remained some time, and subsequently for some time was a clerk in stores at Academia and Port Royal. In 1852, at his own urgent request, he returned to Tuscarora Academy, and renewed his studies with a view of entering college. United with Middle Spring Church, April 20th, 1853. Entered Sophomore Class of Lafayette College, at Easton, Penn’a, in fall of 1854. Graduated July 1857, Spent most of the year after leaving College teaching a private school near Rodney, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Entered Princeton Theological Seminar September, 1858. Graduated April, 1861. Was licensed to preach by the Carlisle Presbytery, April 10th, 1861, in Pine Street Church, Harrisburg, Penn’a. Ordained by the Presbytery of Lewes, in the Presbyterian Church, Dover, Del., November 28th, 1861. Was stated supply of Dover, Delaware Presbyterian Church from June 1st, 1861, to November 28th, 1861, and pastor of this church from November 28th, 1861 to October 1862.

Was Chaplain of the 32nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, known as the 3rd Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves, from October 12th, 1862, to June 17th, 1864, when the term of the regiment expired. Was Chaplain of the 198th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers from September 15th, 1864, to June 3rd, 1865, close of the war. (See testimonial of officers of the 3rd regiment Pennsylvania Reserves, and also acknowledgment of watch). Chaplain of the Military order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, in Philadelphia, from 1866 to 1877. Elected pastor of the Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church, in Chester County, Pa., August 29th, 1865, installed November 14th, 1865, dissolved February 9th, 1875. Elected pastor of the First Presbyterian church, Rahway, N.J., January 5th, 1875, installed April 29th, 1875. Commissioner of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church in 1870 at Philadelphia, in 1873 at Baltimore, Md., in 1879 at Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Delegate to the Presbyterian Convention in the interest of Church Union, meeting with Dr. Wylie’s church, Philadelphia, November 6th, 1869. Delegate to the Evangelical Alliance in New York, October 2-12, 1873. Married January 28th, 1869, to Mary H. Moore, eldest daughter of Hon. Robert Moore of Danville, Pa. The Moore family were Presbyterians of Scotch-Irish descent. The family at an early day located near the north branch of the Susquehanna in the vicinity of Danville, Montour county. Mary H. Pomeroy’s grandfather was a man of intelligence and influence in his day. Well versed in scripture knowledge, a citizen inspiring the confidence of his neighbors. He represented his district in the State Senate. Judge Robert Moore, Jr., the father of Mrs. Pomeroy, received this title being elected to the office of the Associate Judge of Montour county. Mrs. Pomeroy’s mothers maiden name was P. Ellen Girton. The family came to the north branch from New Jersey.

Children of John Jay and Mary H. Pomeroy.
Robert Moore Pomeroy: born April 20, 1870, at Upper Octorara parsonage: deceased Sept. 5, 1870, at Danville, Pa.
Anna Elizabeth Pomeroy; born August 16, 1871, at Upper Octorara parsonage.
Thomas Wilson Pomeroy; born Feb. 4, 1873, at Upper Octorara parsonage.
Edwin Moore Pomeroy; born Nov. 29, 1875, at Rahway, N.J.
Sarah Louisa Pomeroy; born Nov. 12, 1878, at Rahway, N.J.

Copy of Testimonial to John Jay Pomeroy, as Chaplain, from
The Officers of 3rd Regiment, P.R.V.C.

Headquarters, 3rd Regiment, P.R.V.C.,
Near Lewisburg, Va., May 29th, 1864.

The undersigned officers of the 3rd Regiment, Penn’a Reserves would hereby testify their deep sense of gratitude for and appreciation of the services of Rev. John J. Pomeroy, who for upwards of eighteen months has been connected with the Regiment as its Chaplain.

In offering this slight testimonial, they wish to be understood as not uttering “mere words of course,” but are prompted by a desire to convey a heartfelt expression of regard for one who, ever zealous and active, neglected no duty, but on the other hand allowed a Christian spirit to prompt him to many acts of charity and benevolence beyond the sphere of his requirements. Upon the field of battle he was always present, assisting the medical officers and tasking his strength to the utmost in efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the wounded.

Among the men of our command we are satisfied there exists a grateful reverence for his inestimable qualities as a Christian and a true gentleman. And it is with an echo of the same feeling in our own breasts that we now part with him at the expiration of our term of service, happy if he will allow us to regard him as our natural friend.

H. G. Sickel, Col. 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.
Commanding 3rd Brig., 2nd Div., Dept. W. Va.

H.S. Jones, Lieut. And Adjt, 3rd Pa. Res.
Acting Asst. Adjt. Gen’l, 3rd Brig., 2nd Div., Inf’y, D. W. Va.

Rob’t Jonson, Captain Co. E.,
Commanding 3rd Reg’t., Pa. Reserves.

Edwin A. Glenn, Lieut. And Act’g Adjt. 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.
John Stanton, [Capt. Co. G, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Warren Moore, [Capt. Co. B, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
W. W. Satten, [Capt. Co. C, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
John H. Crothers, [1st Lt. Co. C, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
J. Jones, [2nd Lt. Co. C, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Wm. M’Carty, [2nd Lt. Co. H, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
S. J. La Rue, [Capt. Co. I, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Jackson Hutchinson, [2nd Lt. Co. I, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Albert P. Moulton, [Capt. Co. F, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
A. N. Seitsinger, [1st Lt. Co. A, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Daniel Setley, [2nd Lt. Co. A, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Andrew J. Stetson, [Capt. Co. D, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Albert Broner, [1st Lt. Co. D, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Geo. B. Davis, [2nd Lt. Co. D, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Thos. H. Bramford, [1st Lt. Co. E, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Thos. C. Spackman, [1st Lt. Co. K, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Thos. H. Bramford, [2nd Lt. Co. K, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
Samuel Beatty, [1st Lt. Co. I, 3rd Reg’t., P.R.V.C.]
William P. Smith, Sergeant Major, [3rd Reg., P.R.V.C.]

At the close of the war, after the 198th Penn’a Regiment had returned to Camp Cadwalader, at Philadelphia, Pa., a handsome gold watch was given to John J. Pomeroy, with this inscription:

Presented to the
Rev. John J. Pomeroy,
Chapltain of the 198thP. V.,
As a token of esteem, by
Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Of the Regiment.
March, 1865.

The following acknowledgment was made by the Chaplain in The Press:-

To the Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the 198th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers – Soldiers: One of your number has just placed in my hand, as a token of your esteem for me, an exquisitely wrought gold watch, with gold chain and Maltese cross attached, manufactured to your order by Messrs. Gill & Grisslie, of this city, at a cost of $350.

During my connection with you as Chaplain of the 198th, I am proud to say that in no one instance has any of your number done or said aught to intentionally wound my feelings or east reproach upon the sacred cause I represent. On the contrary, in my labors among you in the camp, on the march, on the battle field, in the hospitals to which many of you have been carried, prostrated by wounds and disease, I have felt myself more than repaid for all m y toil by the many expressions of gratitude that came from your generous hearts. I had no right to expect a material declaration of your regard for me. Because your offering has come to me freely, spontaneously, I shall esteem it the more. I shall constantly have as my companion the evidence of your gratitude, liberality and good taste. This parting gift is peculiarly sacred to me from the fact that many of your comrades who contributed of their means to procure it have sealed their devotion to our common cause with their hearts’ blood. It is a testimonial coming to me from the living and the dead. As such, soldiers, I receive it, and with an honest pride I shall carry it with me throughout the days of my life.
With thanks to God that He called me to preach the gospel to the generous and brave defenders of our government, and with many and continous prayers for your temperate and spiritual welfare, I am yours truly,

J. J. Pomeroy,
Chaplain, 198th Regiment, P.V.
Philadelphia, No. 819 Arch St., June 10, 1865.

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