The Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flag Education Center

The Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has recently opened their new facility at 2221 Forster Street Harrisburg, PA 17103. Free guided tours of Battle Flags and Banners spanning from the American Civil War to the Spanish-American War can be viewed in person by contacting Historian Jason Wilson at (717) 783-6484, or via email at

Second State Issue Flag, Eighth Pennsylvania Reserves.
Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee, Harrisburg, PA
PRVCHS Board Member and Descendant Adam Cragle stands before the flag his ancestor served under during the Civil War.

If you are looking for something to do this summer, consider a day trip to Harrisburg to see these flags up close and personal, because it is an amazing experience. Jason Wilson is a wealth of knowledge and will make your visit to the new Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flag Education Center a memorable one. Please help support the Capitol Preservation Committee because without work, these treasures of our nations cultural heritage would not still be in existence today.

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