The Pennsylvania Reserves in the Brown Water Navy

The USS Carondelet. From Swann Auction Galleries, 2021.

In early 1862, soldiers of McCall’s Division of Pennsylvania Reserves were offered the opportunity to leave life in the Infantry, and volunteer to serve onboard a newly commissioned gunboat, known as the USS Carondelet. An article published in Chambersburg, Franklin County, PA in 1862 featured the following: “Pennsylvania Reserves Out West: Reports that the Union gun-boat the Carondelet, which ran the blockade at Island No. 10, is manned entirely by volunteers from the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, McCall’s division.  They are a fine body of men, and nobly are they sustaining the reputation of Pennsylvania.”1 Those who took advantage of the opportunity were as follows:

Volunteers from the First Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private Daniel C. Fraelick, Company E
  • Corporal John Hardy, Company F
  • Private John W. Jones, Company F

Volunteers from the Second Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private William H. Garrison, Company K

Volunteers from the Third Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private T. J. Moorehead, Company I
  • Private Joseph Kreer, Company G
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Volunteers from the Fourth Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Corporal Dennis McCready, Company D
  • Private Henry Fink, Company E
  • Private Elias Compton, Company F
  • Private William Bailey, Company G
  • Private Morris Stow, Company I

Volunteers from the Fifth Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private Oliver St. George, Company C
  • Private Michael Flanigan, Company H
  • Private John Sullivan, Company H
  • Private Francis Kilburn, Company K

Volunteers from the Sixth Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private Samuel Long, Company B
  • Private Michael Famming, Company C
  • Private Francis Mushon, Company G
  • Private P. H. Blanchard, Company H
  • Private Samuel B. Shaw, Company I

Volunteers from the Seventh Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private Amos T. Bisel, Company D
  • Private Andrew Brown Jr., Company D
  • Private Matthias Red, Company D
  • Private William C. Stoner, Company F
Naval History and Heritage Command’s Online Library of Selected Images

Volunteers from the Eighth Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private Bertram Cox, Company B
  • Private Simpson Walker, Company B
  • Private Benjamin A. Hoffman, Company D
  • Private Simeon B. Wigle, Company D

Volunteers from the Ninth Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private Richard Bunn, Company E
  • Private Lester Dunner, Company H
  • Private Robert Fairman, Company H
  • Private George Upton, Company I

Volunteers from the Tenth Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private J. W. Waterhouse, Company D
  • Private John A. Andrews, Company G

Volunteers from the Eleventh Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private John J. Story, Company A
  • Private William Jones, Company H
  • Private James Kuhn, Company I

Volunteers from the Twelfth Regiment, P.R.V.C. were:

  • Private Benjamin Yarnall, Company A
  • Private Washington Yates, Company A
  • Private Josiah Kirkendall, Company E
  • Private John Worman, Company E
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  1. The Valley Spirit, Franklin County, Chambersburg, Dated April 15, 1862