Letter from “Dimes”, Co. H, from Camp Wright, dated July 13, 1861

Co. H, 10th Pa. Reserves, Warren Guards,
July 2, 18611

Mr. Editor:

Since my last communication was written our Orderly has been among you and I have no doubt, from the result of his mission, but that you have fully learned the condition and disposition of the Warren boys in this camp. The opportune arrival of that invoice of necessaries and niceties so kindly donated by your citizens, has benefited all and given the Guards additional assurance of the deep interest taken in them by the folks at home. Permit me to say to the ladies that the Havelocks are doing good service and our necks now successfully defy hot-headed Old Sol, to do his worst at scorching.

I am happy to communicate that the events of last week have plainly indicated that some notice is taken of us at Head-Quarters, that we are really to be treated as soldiers and that the State Government has awakened to the realization of the fact that there is a very large body of volunteers in this vicinity yet ununiformed [sic] and unarmed, who left their homes and their vocations to avenge an insulted nation.

We have at last been mustered into the State service, and assigned to the 10th Regiment of Infantry. At the regimental election, Judge J.S. McCalmont was chosen Colonel, Capt. Kirk Lieut. Colonel, and Capt. Allen Major. The utmost confidence is felt in all of these officers and under them the soldiers of the 10th will do their duty.

Our boys regret the loss to them of Capt. Allen, but they are too unselfish to interpose any obstacle to the success of so deserving a friend. We gave him “three cheers for the Majorship,” and wished him “good luck.” For myself, I am proud to see a compliment of that kind paid to a Warren boy and may the next one be given on the field of battle.

By promotion of H.V. Partridge Esq., succeeds Allen as Captain of our Company, Mayes goes into 1st Lieutenancy and Norton the second. The non-commissioned officers as a compliment to Mr. Ford, proposed to keep their old positions that the Company might elect him Orderly Sergeant, which was done.

The Regiment is to contain one thousand and ten men, and each Company is to increase its roll to one hundred and one.

Major Allen will soon visit Warren for the purpose of recruiting for the Warren Guards, he is to bring back twenty-four men to make out our compliment. This will show a good opportunity to those who are desirous of serving their country and of learning the duties of a soldier.

The Companies composing the 10th Regiment are as follows: Jefferson Light Guards, Capt. Kirk; Middlesex Rangers, Capt. McConnell; Mercer Rifles, Capt. Warner; Wilson Rifles, Capt. Miller; Venango Greys, Capt. Over; Somerset Infantry, Capt. Cummings; Allegheny College Volunteers, Capt. Ayer; Warren Guards, Capt. Partridge; Curtin Rifles, Capt. Adams; Clarion Guards, Capt. Knox.

We have had positive assurance that our arms and equipments will be furnished us immediately.

Yours Truly,

  1. Warren Mail: 7-13-1861