Letter from Benjamin P. Addelman, Co. C, from Camp of the 10th P.R.V.C., dated March 8, 1863

Benjamin P. Addelman, Venango Grays, Co. C, 10th PA Reserves,
March 8th 1863 [Source Unknown]

March 8th 1863, Camp 10th Regt P.R.V.C. Co. C

Dear Sister

After a long delay I take this oportunity of letting you know that we are all well at present hoping that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing I received your letter some days ago with that package of letters that I received from the family but have not answered them all yet wel Lize there is nothing strange going on here at present worth mentioning only the weather has been midling good for the last few days and we have midling good times here at present Lindley is well and harty his feet is as big as ever he will break the government up to keep him in shoes Well Lize I am very glad to hear that the girls can still raise a beau yet if Ben Sloan gets going with Mag Cochran I would like to know who you could get unless it would be Billy Conner or Irah Blair well turn [page break] well I believe you folks are looking for us boys at home well you kneed look with all you mights for I dont think we will be at home for over a month yet and not so soon if we nt get paid before long Lin and I sent one hundred & five dollars to Angeline Feely I think it is time for us to hear from it if it went through at all well Liz I would like to be at home for a little while tosee the folks and to see how things looks in general I expect there is a little change by this time only I cant see it well I did not commence this letter till it was getting late and so I will have to draw my scribbling to a to a close tell me how the sick is getting along keep the dumplins from them and tha will get well right soon you and Robert both right often and tell me the particulars that I would like to hear you can judg them for your self I got a letter from Mother written by a ficticious person that I never seen it was a good letter and gave me much information in regards to many things that I and anxious to hear I have not answered Mothers letter yet but I will before long if nothing turns up that I now of at present well the 5th of next month will be my birth day I will be twenty one I will get a licken then if I watch right sharp well I must stop writing for this time hoping to hear from you soon nothing more but still remains your cincer brother

[10th Reg’t., Co. C]