Letter from Milo R. Adams, Co. F, from Camp Tenally, dated August 29, 1861

Captain Milo R. Adams, Curtin Rifles, Co. F, 10th Pa. Reserves.
August 29, 18611

Camp Tennelly –

Editor Argus: You will please give these few lines an insertion in your columns in order to contradict various false rumors which the good people of Beaver county have heard in relation to our Company. We are all enjoying excellent health and have had very little sickness. No one deserted, court-martialed, wounded or killed, and could call together at the tap of a drum every man that left Camp Wright, with the exception of Chas. Hutchinson, who never came farther than Harrisburg and is, I believe, in the Hospital at that place. We are encamped six miles from Washington, with Pennsylvania troops all around us; are throwing up fortifications, and think we are in a situation to have Beauregard attack the city, or β€œon to Richmond.” We have had false alarms so frequently of late that the boys are getting impatient, and anxious to meet them. With the number of men here under the eye of such a man as McClellan, there is no doubt as to the result. He has all the qualities of a commander, one in whom we all have perfect confidence.

We are in a good regiment, an excellent Colonel, and in one of the best drilled companies of the Brigade. For the satisfaction of the relatives and friends of the men, should anything unusual take place, I will notify them immediately.

Yours, &c.,
Milo R. Adams.

  1. Beaver Weekly Argus: 9-4-1861