Letter from Nathaniel S. Falconer, Co. H, from Camp Wright, dated July 1, 1861

Nathaniel S. Falconer,
Co. H, 10th Pa. Reserves [Warren Guards],
July 1, 18611

Editors of Ledger – Sirs:

Having a few moments to spare this morning, I thought that I could not employ them better, than by writing to my friends at home through your paper the doings at Camp Wright.

Excitement appears to be the prevailing epidemic in camp at present. The Erie regiment were first seized with it by hearing a report that Col. McLane had received orders to re-enlist his men for three years, as soon as the news reached the quarters the excitement became intense. It spread faster than any epidemic was known to before. Some said they would go and others that they would not, but all agreed that it was a regular gouge game, indeed so much were they excited that it seems utterly impossible for them to recover. Every order for marching is sure to bring on an attack of the old complaint, and every countermand is sure to increase it.

The excitement did not stop with the Erie boys, but was communicated to the other companies in Camp with the intelligence that Lieut. C[handler] Hall had arrived here for the purpose of mustering and swearing into service of the State those soldiers then in Camp Wright. Our company took the oath to a man. Some of the members of other companies however preferred the music of tin pans and the hissing and hooting of their comrades.

The excitement of swearing in being over with, the questions naturally arose what regiment were we going into? And when would we be armed? I take a great deal of pleasure in saying that those questions have been answered within the past few days to our entire satisfaction. We have joined Colonel McAlmont’s regiment, and General McCall assured us on Saturday evening of last week arms would be in Pittsburg for all that would be ready for them. Our uniforms will also be here this week. McAlmont’s regiment excepting two companies are now at Camp Wilkins, but will probably march to their camp to-morrow. Col. Hayes’ reg’t are leaving here for Camp Wilkins to-day. They are what is called the Pittsburg regiment. The Erie regiment will also leave here for home this week. I understand they are to form an encampment at Erie again, whether this report is true or not I do not know.

It will probably gratify the friends of Captain Allen, at Warren as it certainly did the Warren Guards to learn of his promotion. He was elected Major of the 10th Pennsylvania regiment, commanded by Col. McAlmont. It was with much reluctance that we accepted his resignation as Captain, but did so not wishing to deprive him of a higher position which he so justly merits.

The place of Captain Allen was of course supplied in the usual way, but the noncommissioned officers below the Orderly Sergeant, feeling perfectly willing to keep their several stations, Mr. E.N. Ford was elected by the Company to fill that position.

We have very little sickness in Camp and what we have is not of a very alarming nature, as those who have most of it are usually taken just before time for drill or dress parade and if reports are true usually recover as soon as the company is out of sight. As a general thing the boys feel well contented and are enjoying themselves extensively.\r\n\r\nWe are very grateful to the ladies of Warren for the many things they have sent to us, and as our only way to pay them is in defending our country we shall strive to do so to the best of our ability.

Yours Truly,
N.S. Falconer.

  1. Warren Ledger: 7-10-1861