Letter from Nathaniel S. Falconer, Co. H, from Hopewell, Pa., dated July 24, 1861

Nathaniel S. Falconer,
Warren Guards, Co. H, 10th Pa. Reserves.
July 19, 18611

Hopewell, Pennsylvania –

Editors of Ledger, Gentlemen: We have at last got started from Camp Wright. We received marching orders last Tuesday, and not getting any countermand we struck our tents and set our faces toward Cumberland [Maryland]. On Thursday the 18th we marched out of Camp Wright at 1:40 P.M. and embarked on board a passenger train for Pittsburg. We had one break down on the road which detained us for near an hour, at six o’clock we started for Hopewell, where we arrived at seven this morning after a ride of about 240 miles. The boys took their breakfast of dried meat and hard bread on the grass by the road side, there being no other place for them unless they took to the sides of the mountains which entirely surround us. The distance from here to Cumberland is about 60 miles, this we will have to march as the cars run no farther than Hopewell. We will not pitch our tents here, but will commence our march this afternoon or to-morrow. As my time is very limited this morning I will have to close for the present.

Yours Truly,

  1. Warren Ledger: 7-24-1861