Letter from Thomas McKean, from Camp Pierpont, January 2, 1862

Camp Pierpont,
Jan. 2nd, 1862.

Dear Rachel

I got a letter from you last night along with one from father. I am very glad you are getting along so well. Yesterday was new year’s day, and it was as warm and balmly as we usually have at home in May. All drills were suspended, and the men generally enjoyed themselves.

I am going to the hospital this morning and intend to stay there a few days. I have never got over the danesville march. Before that I had been slightly troubled with piles, but the fatigue and exhaustion of the march settled down into a severe attack of them. The doctors says a few days quiet and rest in the hospital will do me more good than medicine. I can have a soft beds and pillows there, and food better suited to my wants. You need not fell uneasy about my condition, for I am not compelled to go to the hospital, but only go because I know as long as I stay about camp, my recover is delayed.

I will write to you from there, and let you know how hospital life goes. Give my love to all, and kissed to the dear little ones.

Ever yours,