Letter from Thomas McKean, from Camp Pierpont, January 9, 1862

Camp Pierpont,
Jan. 9th 1862.

Dear Rachel – I received a doleful letter from you last night, written in answer to the one where I announced my purpose of going to the hospital. I was afraid you would imagine things to be much worse than they really were, and only wrote to you about being unwell, lest you might hear it from others. I am improving rapidly and in a few days more I will be on active duty again. My man Friday has not yet got his transfer. I cannot think why it is delayed. He meets with the band every day and I would rather than a good deal he could get his papers and stay with us permanently.

Shortly after I had finished my last letter to you I heard a bit of bad news. The paymaster will not visit us until Thursday of next week – One week from today. I can’t understand why he would put us off so long. Whistle was in the city day before yesterday and saw him, and he told him. He could not come before the last of next week. The whole regiment is in bad humor about it. A good many furloughs are being granted now, among them many officers. From this fact I argue that no forward movement is anticipated soon.

I have nothing more to write about and had better stop. The boys are all well. There is not a man of Company G. on the sick list, and in the hospital, from the whole regiment, there are not over fifteen patients.

Give my love to all, and kisses to the little ones.

Ever yours,