Letter from Thomas McKean, from Camp Pierpont, November 13, 1861

Camp Pierpont,
Nov. 13, 1861

Dear Rachel –

I was down in Washington yesterday, and gave Wm N Francis Esq. of Wilmington $100 to take to you. He promised to take it to you himself. Many of the boys sent money home with him. I staid in the city over night – slept in a bed, between white sheets in a room carpeted and lighted with gas. In fact, I was for a short time within the bounds of civilized life. I ate off a white able cloth and drank our of china ware. The whole thing was enjoyable, but I believe a few days contact with such things would make me homesick.

I got myself some new clothing – a good coat lieutenant’s pattern; a vest, a fine capi, pair of boots, and a sash. I lack only my sword and I will get it as soon as possible. I cannot write much for the mail will soon start. I am perfectly well. I got a letter from you yesterday in which you express fears that Sammy was taking sick. I hope fervently he may not be.

The mail boy is about starting so I must close. The money when you get it, you must expend to the best advantage. My love to all kisses to the children.

Ever yours