Letter from Thomas McKean, from Camp Pierpont, October 24, 1861

Camp Pierpont Oct. 24 ,1861

Dear Wife- We are still here but are to leave in a couple of hours for Leesburg, we suppose. The whole division is to move a 8 o’clock this morning.  Our brigade will be in the rear  and our regiment in the rear of the brigade while the band under the command of the surgeon will bring up the rear of our regiment. So you see if there is any safe place, we have it. Tom Rogers is still unable to go on active duty, but is getting along very comfortable. I have not been to see him since he left the camp but our cook goes over every day. John Waugh is in the hospital but is not much sick. He has been troubled with boils on his leg. All the rest of the boys are well. Our belief is that a few days more will wind up the fall campaign and we will go into winter quarters at Washington. The weather is getting to be very uncertain now. I sent you five dollars in one letter, some two weeks ago. Did you get it ? It was before we left Camp Tenally . I got Ellie’s little letter all safe. Tell Will he must not climb Christmas trees for he is too unlucky. Tell Milliron  that as soon as we are paid off I will send him and Lanner money. That will be the first or second week in November. I will write to Tumkey as soon as I get the time. I do not know if  I will get a chance to write for a few days. We most likely will be on the move for a week with little  if any mail facilities. If I cannot get a  chance to write you must not give yourself any unnecessary uneasiness. I will take as good care of myself as possible. The rest is with God.The sooner the work is commenced the sooner it will be ended and we can have a chance to get into winter quarters. Give my love to all. Kisses to the children and believe me 

Ever yours


P.S. Mail communication is stopped as is said for ten days. I have a chance to send  this over the river by Bill Givan who is going over as soon as possible I will write again.