Letter from “Anon.”, from Camp Wilkins, July 6, 1861

July 6, 18611

Col. Hayes’ regiment left for Camp Wilkins early on Monday morning, and Col. McCalmont’s regiment came up to take their place. In the meantime the Cambria Guards, who had been lying in tents for some two or three weeks, concluded to try barracks awhile. Accordingly, without asking the Captain or saying a word to anybody, we quietly took possession. After we were fixed all right, Lieut. McCoy went to the Colonel in command and requested permission to move, which was refused. “But,””said Lieut. M., “the men have already done so without orders!” So the Colonel, after giving his opinion that “we’d do,” said that we might as well remain.


  1. Ebensburg Alleghanian: July 18, 1861
  2. “extract of a private letter” from the Cambria Guards, Co. A, 11th Pa. Reserves] dated July 6, 1861.