1899 January 12, The Bradford Star (Towanda, Bradford County, PA): A Miraculous Escape

Subject: Ransaler Ross, James C. Hastings
Unit: Company B, “Factoryville Infantry”, 12th Pennsylvania Reserves

A Miraculous Escape

Ranslaer Ross late of Co. B, 12th Pa. Reserves, relates the following thrilling experience: “Crate Hastings1 of Tunkhannock was a private in Co. B, 12th Pa. Reserves. At the battle of Fredericksburg just before the regiment advanced upon the enemy’s works, a shell which had been fired by the rebels, struck Hastings’ knapsack and exploded inside it. Hastings was hurled about two rods but received no injuries except a severe shock and a few bruises. Seventeen pieces of shell were found in his knapsack but the soldier’s overcoat and blanket were completely riddled. Hastings was subsequently killed by being shot in the head, near James River.”

  1. Possibly a reference to James C. Hastings