Letter from Abraham Penman, to his Wife, August 10, 1861

A D 1861 Aug the 10

Dear Wife,  

   I set down to write to you…We have recived marching orders. Wee leave for Washinton at 4 o’clock. The Curnel has ben at Washinton. Direct your letters to me in the care of Captan Olaver, T[welfth] Regment. The boys is all in good hart and hale the order with deligt. I have wrote on the 7 a very breaf and short letter. I cannot write any more at present. The dinner is redy and wee have to go to the arsnel to recive our which is to bee minney muskets. I will sen you my pretty as soon as posable. Giv my respect to all and a kiss to each one of my children for me. I must close. I remane yours . 

A Penman