Letter from Abraham Penman, to his Wife, from Camp McCall, August 11, 1861

A D 1861 AUG 11
 Camp McCall

Dear Wife,  I now take up my pen to write to let you know that I am in good helth at present and hopeing thes few lines may find you all injoying the same god blessing you mus try to content your self better than you apper to doo in your last letter. You say the children are all well whitch maid me very happy. Tell  them that I expect to see them all in good time and that will bee when the trubles of our cuntry settled and if appereance mean any thing, that will not be long if evry man dus his duty. I recived your yester day and was glad to here that Finn an Bill was on the notion of cuming to join us. Tell them they must expect to see hardships and triels, but never the les, cum if it is thare will, the cuntry needs just such men. I was talking to the leftenant about them a few moments ago. He says he will make arangements to have them brougt with out you. Say that Muther complen of my not mentoning hur in my letter. Tell her that if I was to mention evryone that I fell like my letter would be nothing but names. Tell Muther and all the rest god bless them. That it is impossible so to dow. You say that John Ingles. I have not  been to see you before writing. Lizz, you need not be a unesy about that. I know John that that is only his way. He is a trew man. You say that I sis not tell you how I liked camp life. When I said boys, I ment all. I considered myself one of them. We are more comfetable then I expected. I rote to J Ingles on last Tusday a bot beaing under orders to march that was merly to move about one mile to a beter camp. Wee was out on a plplesuering expedition yesterday, dodged the gard and tuck a rome and found a slew of the Tetomack, had asuim the ordrs is to stay in the camp, but wee are in a rather a favourble peace thare for wee goe merly when we pleas. Our Capten has not been for a few days. He 11 Regment captured a drove of cattle yesterday. That slip of paper that you spoke of is my surtifacate to bee presented to commoners wat was promoted to left Sergent this morning. He bares his promotion well. You spoke of calling the regment the 10. If so was a misstake. Direct to Washinton City an as before I mus bid you a dew for the presn. Writhe as son as you can. Giv my best respects to all. I remane yours.

A Penman.