Letter from Abraham Penman, to his Wife, from Camp Tenally, October 6, 1861

ND 1861. No. 2
Camp Tamally. Oct 6th

Dear Wife,

   I recived yours of the third instant and was glad to here that you was all well and am happy to say those few lines leaves us all in the best of helth at this time and stil hoping those few lines may find you all injoying the same gods blessing. This is Sunday and we have nothing to do from nine oclock in the morning to five a clock in the evening in the eigth morning on Sabeth. There is an inspection of arms and clothing which is nessary for there is some men that would never wash there close if they was not maid do it. The Capten when inspection exposes evry dirty article and never forgets to mention the oners name. By this means they are cep intorable order, but for there is some afful close bougt out of the nap sacks for my part, I have got that. I can wash a shirt as well as sew for our shirts is white flanel and soil  essy and look very bad when dirty. Well I expect you think this a write about shirts, but if there is any one going a solgern, I would advise them to…take a dark flanel shirts with them. This is a plesent day and a nice breas is going and I am out under a shade tree riting to you for the second time this week and I don’t want you to complane of me of me not writing offener, for there is so very little to write about and I never like to write without I have something to say and I dount like to say the same in difrent letters that is all going o the same place, but Lizy that hay you spoke about must be swift from what you say therefor I think the best think you could do until is to make the boys carey it upto the manure pile and try to get some that the cow will ear, for your cow will be a grate help to you in the winter. Tel Nando, John, Rob, and Polly that I have not forgotten eather of them yet and Poly in particular, that I will not like to here her make wise of that kind of language that she was making fun of when last you rote. You can tel Mother that I never seen a person that was so promt in answering a letter as her self. Tel her that I am not complaining, but it is a…game that only one person can play at. I herd for certain that Jim and Bill has gon to Alexandria and if you here any thing about them, write and let me know. I have no more to say at present. Giv my love to all inquiring friends and take your own too your self from, 

A Penman.

To Elizabeth Penman